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Auto and Motor Vehicle Accidents

Being in an auto accident is a frightening and confusing event. Even small incidents in Phoenix, such as fender benders, can produce injuries and of course, property damage. But what happens when the accident and resulting physical effects are severe? Cars are heavy, weighing thousands of pounds, and are capable of great speeds. When autos collide with other motor vehicles or stationary objects, the effects can be devastating.  If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto wreck, reach out to the Phoenix Car Accident Attorneys at the Law Offices of Joel. W. Black, LLC. Our experienced team is here to help.

Reasons for Car Accidents

Each year, auto accidents cause more injuries and deaths than any other type of personal injury incident. With hundreds of thousands of vehicles on the local roads and highways, the odds of getting into a collision in your lifetime are frighteningly high. Even the most careful driver is not immune. One can’t always avoid crashes with other distracted and reckless drivers on the road.

Some of the most common reasons that motor vehicle accidents occur include:

  1. Speeding – Today, people are in more of a hurry than ever. Many fail to respect posted speed limits, whether on city streets, rural roads, or highways and freeways.
  2. Distracted Driving – There are many reasons a driver can be distracted while operating their motor vehicle. Texting or checking social media is among the most prolific. Executing other tasks such as eating, applying makeup, or interacting with other passengers rounds out the list.
  3. Intoxication or Driving Under the Influence of Drugs – DUI/DWI is a chronic issue in America. While DUI laws have become more strict and offenses less tolerated, it still happens. These accidents are among the most egregious, often resulting in catastrophic injuries and even death.
  4. Reckless Driving – Driver’s sometimes take unnecessary risks on the roads. Failure to yield, following too closely and unsafe lane changes are all types of reckless driving, along with speeding of course.
  5. Environmental Conditions – As reported by the Federal Highway Administration, weather such as rain, fog, snow, and ice can be factors while driving. Other environment situations include defective roads, dangerous curves, animal crossings, and debris in the roadway.

You can do your very best to be vigilant and proactive while driving, but you cannot control the actions of others. When someone else’s careless or negligent act causes harm to you or a member of your family, it’s time to speak up and be heard. You need legal guidance and we’re here to give that to you and help you restore your health and lifestyle.

Common Injuries From Car Accidents

Auto wrecks can produce life-changing injuries. They can range from minor to severe and may have long-term, lasting medical consequences. Some of the most common are:

  • Head and Brain Injuries — From concussions, skull fractures, and intracranial bleeding to permanent brain damage, head and brain injuries are some of the most serious resulting from car accidents.
  • Neck and Back Injuries — This could include whiplash, herniated discs, spinal cord damage, sprains, or strains. Back injuries, according to information obtained on, can be a common contributory cause to other secondary medical issues such as opioid addiction, depression, and obesity.
  • Burn Injuries — Burns, even small ones are significant injuries. They may require skin grafts and plastic surgery and result in permanent neurological damage and scarring or disfigurement.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries — When muscles, tendons, or ligaments are stretched or torn in an automobile accident, the pain can be significant and lingering. Long-term physical therapy is an earmark of these muscle-related ailments.
  • Spinal Injuries – When the spinal cord is damaged, the accident victim can experience a loss of movement or sensation, up to partial or full paralysis. These injuries can mean a lifetime of special care.
  • Broken Bones — Broken bones are generally extremely painful, often requiring surgery to fix, and can take a very long time to heal.

Proving negligence in your accident case might be difficult. You must establish that you have injuries and that they directly stem from the accident. Don’t try to navigate a car accident claim alone.

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